Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande, Know about Her Journey

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Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande is the Bigg Boss Season 17 winner, based  on news reports and online searches.

Who is Ankita Lokhande?

Ankita Lokhande is a television actress who became well-known for playing the character Archana on the program Pavitra Rishta.

With the movie Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, she also made her Bollywood debut.

Ankita Lokhande Husband

Her husband Vicky Jain accompanied her when she entered the Bigg Boss house, where she encountered numerous difficulties and scandals.

Reason Ankita Won Bigg Boss 17 Runner up Title

Ankita captured the hearts of the crowd with her captivating performances, strong personality, and emotional connection to her fellow competitors. Numerous celebrities and former Bigg Boss contestants also backed her.

Ankita Lokhande Winning Price

She won a brand-new car, a cash prize of Rs 40 lakh, and the much-coveted trophy. She is the first woman to win the show who is married. She also became the second TV actress to win the competition, following Shweta Tiwari in the fourth season.

In the Indian television industry, Ankita Lokhande is regarded as one of the most prominent and prosperous figures.

Ankita Lokhande Bigg Boss 17 Journey

Salman Khan is the host of the popular reality show Bigg Boss 17, and Ankita Lokhande is the winner. Vicky Jain, her husband who was booted from the show in the midweek finale, accompanied her when she first appeared. Ankita encountered numerous difficulties, conflicts, and emotions during her journey in the show, which was full of ups and downs. Highlights of her journey include the following:

  • One of the most adored and well-liked competitors on the show was Ankita Lokhande, who had a sizable fan base from her work in movies and television. Numerous celebrities and former Bigg Boss contestants, who commended her for her performance and strong personality, also backed her.
  • Ankita Lokhande forged strong relationships with each of her rivals, particularly with Arun Mashettey, Mannara Chopra, and Munawar Faruqui. She was also friendly with Abhishek Kumar, her opponent during the first few weeks. With her jokes and dancing, she attempted to diffuse tensions and lighten the mood, earning her the reputation of the house entertainer and peacemaker.
  • On the show, Ankita Lokhande also had a lot of challenges and criticism because the host would frequently question her and some of the contestants would frequently target her. She had to handle the accusations that she was manipulative, phony, and overbearing. She also had to deal with the anger of the crowd, which repeatedly placed her in the danger zone. After her emotional breakdown and her husband’s eviction, she was also accused of pulling a sympathy card.
  • Ankita Lokhande demonstrated her abilities on the show by winning numerous tasks and doing well in them. She also demonstrated her skill and adaptability by taking part in a variety of events and activities, like the Orry Selfie Extravaganza, where she was crowned the winner of the coveted Orry Selfie longside fashion icon Orry. As she participated in the musical, comedy, and finale nights, she also dazzled the audience with her acting, singing, and dancing abilities.
  • In the end, Ankita Lokhande triumphed over Arun Mashettey, Mannara Chopra, and Abhishek Kumar to win Bigg Boss 17. She received the trophy, a cash prize of Rs 40 lakh, and a brand-new car. She also made history by being the second television actress to win the show and the first married woman. She dedicated her victory to her late ex-boyfriend, actor Sushant Singh Rajput, and thanked her family, friends, and fans for their love and support.

Ultimately, Ankita Lokhande’s triumph can be attributed solely to her diligent efforts and perseverance.

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