DNPA Code of Ethics

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DNPA Code of Ethics for our news website,

  1. We want to give you accurate and truthful information. Our journalists will check the facts and present the news in a fair way, without showing any bias.
  2. We stay independent and make sure our reporting is impartial. We don’t let outside influences, like politics or business, affect our editorial decisions.
  3. We respect people’s privacy and will be careful when reporting on personal matters. We try not to invade their private lives and will ask for permission when necessary.
  4. We aim to include different perspectives and voices in our news coverage. We want to represent various cultures, communities, and opinions to include everyone.
  5. If we make mistakes, we take responsibility for them. We will correct any errors quickly and openly let you know about the corrections or clarifications.
  6. We won’t use sensationalism or clickbait to get attention. We present news in a responsible and careful way to maintain our credibility.
  7. We will tell you where our information comes from and provide background to help you judge how reliable the news is.
  8. Our journalists will avoid any conflicts of interest that could affect their reporting. If there are any potential conflicts, they will let you know, so you can trust their work.
  9. We use technology in a responsible and ethical way to gather and share news. We respect people’s privacy and follow the law.
  10. We value your feedback and want to hear from you. We engage with the community to learn about different viewpoints and build a relationship based on trust.
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