Ram Mandir Inauguration in Ayodhya: Economic Surge with the Inauguration of Ram Mandir, Stocks in the Spotlight

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Ram Mandir inauguration: The upcoming inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on January 22 is generating great excitement. Not only is the city undergoing a spiritual transformation, but it is also becoming an attractive investment opportunity. As millions of people from around the world plan pilgrimages to this sacred site, Ayodhya is seeing a significant rise in investor interest. This development paves the way for a new era in Ayodhya’s economic growth.

Tourism Sector Flourishes

Traditionally, the tourism industry experiences increased activity in the third quarter, and Ayodhya is no different. The combined effect of the heightened interest in spiritual tourism following the opening of the Ram Mandir, along with a focus on promoting domestic tourism, is leading to a distinctive economic trend. This surge is especially noticeable in the hotel sector, with numerous stocks gaining significant attention.

Stocks in the Spotlight

Apollo Sindoori Hotels:

Chennai-based Apollo Sindoori Hotels has experienced an impressive 32% increase in just two days, reaching a closing price of Rs 1,998 on NSE. The company is aiding in the development of Ayodhya’s infrastructure by constructing a multi-level parking facility in Tedhi Bazar. This facility, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, includes a rooftop restaurant capable of serving more than 1,000 devotees at the same time. Such an endeavor perfectly matches the emerging requirements of the city.


Praveg, known for its luxurious tents at popular tourist destinations in India, has witnessed a remarkable 47% increase in just three days, with its stock price reaching Rs 1,219.10 on BSE. Last November, the company introduced an opulent resort near the serene Brahma Kund in Ayodhya, featuring 30 tents and a restaurant. Showing continued growth, Praveg has recently obtained a contract to establish tents in the stunning Lakshadweep region, further expanding its presence.

Genesys International:

Genesys International experienced a 7% increase in its shares, reaching Rs 487 on Tuesday. This surge was driven by the selection of its product as the official map for Ayodhya city. The New India map platform combines advanced 2D navigation with a 3D digital representation of the entire city, effectively highlighting the development and investment opportunities in Ayodhya.

Indian Hotels:

Indian Hotels, valued at over Rs 73,000 crore, has seen a significant rise of 23% in the past month. Although the impact of the Ayodhya situation has not affected the company’s stock greatly in the short term, the company has made strategic agreements to build two new hotels in Ayodhya under the Vivanta and Ginger brands. These hotels are planned to be completed by early 2027, in accordance with the city’s rapid development.


The online train ticket booking monopoly, IRCTC, has experienced a significant 23% increase in its stock value in the last month. As millions of people are expected to travel to Ayodhya in the coming months, investors are paying close attention to IRCTC as it is at the forefront of the tourism boom.


IndiGo has acknowledged the potential and has started operating daily flights between Ayodhya and Delhi. Moreover, the airline’s dedication to making travel to Ayodhya convenient is evident from the introduction of three flights per week connecting Ahmedabad with Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in the temple town.


Ayodhya’s economic growth, triggered by the inauguration of the Ram Mandir, demonstrates the city’s changing landscape. Investors are now turning their attention to this spiritual center, which offers various opportunities in sectors like hospitality and transportation. The connection between spirituality and economic development in Ayodhya represents a significant aspect of India’s investment story, offering a chance for prosperity to those who take advantage of it.

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