Gold and Silver Price Today: Gold Prices Increased By 473 Rupees Today

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Gold and silver price today, November 17, 2023: The price of gold and silver has changed a lot in a short time. On Thursday evening, 24-carat gold was priced at Rs 60,505 per 10 grams. But on Friday morning, it increased unexpectedly to Rs 60,978. The value of silver also went up. Let’s explore the details of these price changes.

Gold and Silver in the Spotlight

Thursday Evening Rates vs. Friday Morning Rates

On Thursday evening, the price of gold was Rs 60,505. By Friday morning, it had risen to Rs 60,978. This sudden increase raises questions about what caused it.

Gold prices can vary based on purity

  1. 999 Purity Gold: Witnessed an increase from Rs 60,505 to Rs 60,978, an impressive surge of Rs 473.
  2. 995 Purity Gold: Started at Rs 60,263 on Thursday and touched Rs 60,734 on Friday, marking a notable increase of Rs 471.
  3. 916 Purity Gold (22 Carat): Elevated from Rs 55,423 to Rs 55,856, reflecting a rise of Rs 433.
  4. 750 Purity Gold (18 Carat): Saw an uptick from Rs 45,379 to Rs 45,734, signifying a surge of Rs 355.
  5. 585 Purity Gold (14 Carat): Started at Rs 35,395 and concluded at Rs 35,672, exhibiting a price hike of Rs 277.

Silver Price Per KG Today:

A kilogram of pure silver, with 99.9% purity, increased in value by Rs 73,210.

Testing the Shift: Checking Accuracy

Let’s carefully compare the rates to ensure our analysis is accurate.

Type of MetalPurityThursday Evening RatesFriday Morning RatesIncrease in Rates
Gold999Rs 60,505Rs 60,978Rs 473
Gold995Rs 60,263Rs 60,734Rs 471
Gold916Rs 55,423Rs 55,856Rs 433
Gold750Rs 45,379Rs 45,734Rs 355
Gold585Rs 35,395Rs 35,672Rs 277
Silver999Rs 73,210

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Final thought: Dealing with the Changes Price

When gold and silver prices go up and down, it’s important to have up-to-date information. The increase we saw on Friday morning shows why we need to pay attention to what’s happening in the market. By staying connected and relying on trustworthy sources like Ibja, we can handle these changes with confidence.

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