How to WhatsApp a Blocked Number: Workarounds and Considerations

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Has someone blocked you on WhatsApp? If you need to urgently get in touch with them, it can be incredibly frustrating. Although WhatsApp doesn’t have a direct method for messaging a contact who has blocked your number, there are a few workarounds you can explore.

Understanding Blocking on WhatsApp

Before delving into the methods, it’s crucial to grasp the implications of being blocked on WhatsApp:

  • No Direct Messages: You won’t be able to send messages directly to the contact who blocked you.
  • Hidden Last Seen and Online Status: You won’t see their last seen or online status updates.
  • One Checkmark: Messages you attempt to send will only show a single checkmark (message sent), never the second checkmark (message delivered).
  • No Profile Updates: You’ll cease to see updates to their profile photo.

Methods for Indirectly Contacting a Blocked Number

Here are a few potential workarounds, but remember, there’s no guarantee of success:

  1. Group Chats:
    • Find a mutual friend who has both your number and the blocking contact’s number in their contact list.
    • Ask your friend to create a WhatsApp group and add both of you to it.
    • Within the group chat, you can send messages that the person who blocked you will be able to see.
    • You may politely ask your mutual friend to leave the group if you want more privacy.
  2. Changing Your Number:
    • If your situation is truly urgent, consider getting a new SIM card and a new WhatsApp account.
    • This will bypass the block, allowing you to message the person again. However, bear in mind that they might block your new number if they recognize you.
  3. Other Messaging Platforms:
    • If you know the person on other social media platforms or have their email, try contacting them there instead. Explain the situation and see if they’re open to resolving whatever led to the block.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Respect Boundaries: If someone has blocked you, re-examine the situation that led to it. If the block is justified, attempting to bypass it might cause further irritation and worsen the situation.
  • Avoid Harassment: Repeatedly trying to contact a person who has clearly blocked you could escalate into harassment. If they don’t want to communicate, it’s important to respect their choice.

Focus on Resolution

If the person has blocked you due to a disagreement or misunderstanding, it’s usually best to find a different channel or give them space. It’s always a better idea to find a mutually respectful way to resolve your conflict and hopefully unblock the communication channel on WhatsApp once the issue is resolved.


While being blocked can sting, it’s crucial to act with respect and consideration. The tactics above are best for urgent situations. Sometimes, the best choice may be to give the other person the space they’ve requested.

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