Indian Economy 2024: Surging Ahead with 7.3% GDP Growth

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The Central Statistics Office has released its initial estimates for the Indian economy in FY24. These estimates paint a positive picture, indicating a strong and steady growth rate of 7.3% for the gross domestic product (GDP). This surpasses the previous provisional estimate of 7.2% for FY23. In this analysis, we will examine key sectors, investigate the factors contributing to this growth, and delve into the details behind the impressive 8.9% expansion of the nominal GDP.

FY24 GDP Growth Overview

The initial estimates indicate that the Indian economy is expected to grow significantly, surpassing previous predictions. In contrast to the Bloomberg poll’s projection of a 6.7% increase, the Reserve Bank of India predicts a 7% surge in GDP for fiscal 2024. This positive outlook lays the foundation for a vibrant economic environment.

Gross Value Added (GVA) Insights

Gross value added, an important measure that doesn’t include indirect taxes and subsidies, is expected to increase by a commendable 6.9%. This shows how strong the economy is, as it remains resilient even with global uncertainties. It’s worth noting that this growth is different from the 7% in the previous fiscal year, pointing towards a positive direction.

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Nominal GDP Expansion:

Nominal GDP, which is crucial for budgetary considerations, is expected to experience a significant growth of 8.9%. Although this growth rate is slightly lower compared to the 16.1% increase achieved in FY23, it still establishes a strong basis for fiscal planning. The government has set the fiscal deficit target at 6% of GDP, reflecting a prudent approach in line with this growth.

Sectoral Trends:

Agriculture Sector

The agricultural sector, a vital component of India’s economy, is estimated to grow by 1.8% in FY24, a slight dip from the 4% recorded in FY23. The challenges posed by weak Kharif output and lagging Rabi sowing have influenced this moderation, signaling the need for targeted interventions.

Mining Sector

A standout performer, the mining sector is poised for robust growth at 8.1%, surpassing the 4.6% recorded in the previous fiscal year. This surge is indicative of increased demand and underscores the sector’s pivotal role in India’s economic resurgence.

Manufacturing and Construction

Manufacturing is set to witness a substantial boost, with an estimated growth of 6.5%, compared to a modest 1.3% in the previous fiscal year. Simultaneously, the construction sector is gearing up for a notable rise of 10.7%, showcasing resilience and contributing to overall economic vibrancy.

Services Sector

The services sector, encompassing trade, hotel, transport, communication, financial services, real estate, and professional services, is collectively poised for a commendable 6.3% to 8.9% growth. This underscores the diversified nature of India’s economic landscape, with each segment playing a distinctive role in fostering growth.

Expenditure Trends:

Private final consumption expenditure is projected to increase by 4.4%, indicating consistent consumer spending. However, a concerning trend emerges in the form of sluggish consumption growth. Economist Gaura Sen Gupta from IDFC First Bank Ltd. points out that this is the slowest rate of consumption growth in twenty years, excluding the pandemic year of FY21.

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In summary, the preliminary estimates for India’s GDP in the fiscal year 2024 show a strong and dynamic economic performance. Various important sectors have shown robust growth, creating a foundation for careful fiscal planning. As India faces future challenges, the prevailing theme is an optimistic outlook and readiness to adapt, ultimately positioning the country as a significant player in the global economic stage.


What are the key factors contributing to India’s GDP growth in FY24?

The GDP growth in fiscal year 2024 is driven by the impressive performance of sectors like mining, manufacturing, and construction.

Why is the agricultural sector experiencing a slight dip in growth?

Challenges related to weak Kharif output and lagging Rabi sowing have influenced the moderation in the agricultural sector’s growth.

How does the nominal GDP expansion impact fiscal planning?

The nominal GDP expansion at 8.9% sets a solid foundation for fiscal planning, aligning with the government’s budgeted fiscal deficit of 6% of GDP.

What is the outlook for the services sector in FY24?

The services sector is collectively poised for a commendable 6.3% to 8.9% growth, showcasing the diversified nature of India’s economic landscape.

Why is weak consumption growth a concerning aspect in the expenditure trends?

Weak consumption growth, highlighted by economist Gaura Sen Gupta, is seen as the slowest in two decades, excluding the pandemic year of FY21, posing concerns for the economy.

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