ISRO New Milestone PSLV-C58 Launch and XPoSat Mission, See Video

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ISRO’s important PSLV-C58 launch and XPoSat mission can be watched in a video provided by ISRO. In a big event in the beginning of 2024, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) accomplished an important goal by successfully launching its first X-Ray Polarimeter Satellite, XPoSat, from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. The PSLV-C58 rocket, on its 60th mission, flawlessly put XPoSat into its planned 650km orbit. This is a great accomplishment for ISRO and puts India among a few countries studying celestial bodies using polarimetry.

ISRO XPoSat Mission Significance

A Big Step Forward in Understanding the Universe. India’s XPoSat mission shows that it is the second country, after the US, to study celestial objects by analyzing how they vibrate. This mission is focused on understanding how different sources in space send out energy. XPoSat aims to uncover the detailed physical processes that drive phenomena like black holes, neutron stars, active galactic nuclei, and pulsar wind nebulae.

ISRO’s Big Plans for 2024

12 Months, 12 Launches

ISRO Chairperson S Somnath talked to the press after the launch and shared an ambitious plan for 2024. The goal is to complete at least 12 missions in the year to show India’s strength in space exploration. Somnath mentioned that they might even surpass this target because of their efficient production of hardware and successful testing. This flexible approach to mission execution is in line with ISRO’s commitment to advancing space exploration worldwide.

Aditya-L1’s Final Journey

Somnath mentioned an upcoming event called India’s first solar mission, Aditya-L1. It was launched on September 2 and is expected to reach the L1 point on January 6. This achievement shows that India is capable in studying the sun and establishes the country as an important player in solar research.

Gaganyaan Mission

Looking ahead, Somnath talked about the Gaganyaan mission and highlighted that 2024 is the year when it will be ready. The plan involves two abort missions, an unmanned mission, parachute drop tests, and thorough validation tests. The head of ISRO, India’s space agency, confidently stated that 2024 will be the year when Gaganyaan is fully prepared. This shows the agency’s strong dedication to achieving India’s ambitious goal of sending humans to space.

Future Tests and Preparations

Parachute Drop Tests and Valuation Tests

The Gaganyaan preparation includes parachute drop tests to check if the parachutes work properly. They are also planning to do many tests to make sure the mission is safe and successful. The detailed planning shows how committed ISRO is to take care of every possible thing and make no mistakes in this important project.

Helicopter-Based Drop Tests

ISRO is getting ready for the Gaganyaan mission by planning helicopter drop tests. These tests are important for checking how well the systems work when the spacecraft is coming down. They help make sure everything is working perfectly for the mission. ISRO is dedicated to making sure the human spaceflight mission meets the highest standards by conducting thorough tests.


ISRO had a successful launch called PSLV-C58 and the XPoSat mission to start 2024. India wants to be a big part of exploring space, and they have big plans for this year. They’re getting ready for the final journey of Aditya-L1 and for Gaganyaan. ISRO is very dedicated and works hard to make sure these missions are successful. We’re all excited to see what happens next in India’s space exploration story, and we can’t wait to learn more about space and all the cool things they discover.

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