LPG Cylinder Expiry Date: Important news! LPG Cylinders Have Expiry Date, See Checking Process

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LPG Cylinder Expiry Date: When you refill an LPG cylinder, make sure to check its expiry date. You don’t want to buy a cylinder that has expired, as it could be very dangerous.

LPG Cylinder Expiry Date: When people buy a new gas cylinder, they usually check if it has any gas leaks and its weight, but they often forget to check the expiry date. It’s important to know that LPG cylinders also have an expiry date, which is clearly marked on each cylinder. Understanding this is crucial.

Where is the date when the cylinder expires written?

When the person who sells gas cylinders brings one to your home, you should first check its expiry date. The expiry date is written on a strip located below the upper part of the cylinder, which is round in shape. This strip has an English letter and a number written in code. By looking at this strip, you can determine the expiry date of the cylinder. The strip may be yellow or green, and the number on it will be written in either white or black. For example, if your gas cylinder has “A-25” written on it, it means that the cylinder will expire in January 2025. The letters A to D represent the months, and the numbers represent the years.

What does ABCD mean?

This code divides ABCD into three months each. A represents January, February, and March; B represents April, May, and June; C represents July, August, and September; and D represents October, November, and December. If your cylinder has A-24 written on it, it means the cylinder will expire between January and March in 2024. If it has D-27 written on it, it means the cylinder will expire between October and December in 2027. This method helps you determine the expiration date on your cylinder.

Why do cylinders have expiration dates?

The date written on the cylinder is when it gets tested. This tells us that the cylinder was sent for testing on that date. We don’t know if the cylinder is safe to use or not. They check the cylinder by doing a hydrostatic test and also test it with five times more pressure. Cylinders that don’t meet the standards are destroyed during testing.

What is the lifespan of the cylinder?

LPG gas cylinders usually last for 15 years. They undergo two tests while in use. The first test is conducted after 10 years, and the second test is done after 5 years.

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