Mutual Funds: Total SIP Assests Increased by an Impressive 23% Compared to Last Year

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Mutual funds: The total amount of money invested through SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) in 2023 reached ₹1.83 lakh crore, showing a 23% increase compared to the previous year.

Mutual Funds: In the financial world of 2023, regular people who invest in mutual funds have experienced a big increase in their interest. Something called the systematic investment plan (SIP) has become very popular, with a total amount of money invested reaching an incredible ₹1,83,741 crore by the end of December 2023. This is a really big jump of 23% compared to the previous year. It shows that mutual funds are growing a lot and more and more people are choosing to invest in them.

SIP Contributions Throughout the Year

The year began well, with January seeing contributions of ₹13,856 crore. This positive trend continued, as subsequent months also had significant contributions. December was especially remarkable, with a record-breaking ₹17,610 crore of contributions. As a result, the total SIP assets under management (AUM) reached an impressive ₹9,95,925 crore, surpassing the November 2023 figure of ₹9,31,333 crore.

Month (2023)SIP Contribution (₹crore)
Apr  13,728

Equity Schemes Dominate

In 2023, a lot of money went into equity mutual funds because the Sensex went up 18% and the Nifty50 went up 20%. The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) shared data showing that these funds got a huge total of ₹1,61,573 crore throughout the year. In December alone, ₹16,997 crore was added. However, debt mutual funds didn’t do so well. They lost ₹46,089 crore over the year, and in December alone they lost ₹75,560 crore, which made things worse.

SIP Registrations and AUM Milestones

In December 2023, a large number of new SIPs were registered, totaling to an impressive 763,659,24 SIPs. The mutual fund industry also saw an increase in its net AUM, which reached ₹50,779,00 crore, up from ₹49,049,92.39 crore in November, according to the latest AMFI data.

The total number of investment accounts in the industry reached a new record high in December 2023, with 1,648,902,272 accounts. This is more than the number of accounts in November 2023, which was 1,618,145,583. In addition, the number of individual investor accounts, including accounts for stocks, mixed investments, and long-term investments, was an impressive 1,318,552,261 in December 2023, compared to 1,292,219,994 in the previous month.


In 2023, mutual fund investments experienced important changes. There was a big increase in regular investment amounts, especially in stock market funds. New records were set, showing that individual investors are feeling more confident about investing in mutual funds. To take advantage of the changing investment opportunities in mutual funds, it is important for investors to stay aware of these trends as the financial markets continue to evolve.

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