Salaar is Much Bigger Than KGF, Says Cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda

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Bhuvan Gowda said that “Salaar” is five times bigger than “KGF.” He talked about working with director Prashanth Neel and how Salaar and KGF are being compared.

Bhuvan Gowda, a cinematographer, has spent around 3.5 years working on Prashanth Neel’s upcoming film, Salaar. This is their fourth collaboration after Ugramm and the KGF films. During this time, Bhuvan has been focused on creating a unique visual style with dark tones of black and grey. Despite the long hours and challenges, he finds motivation in the diverse sets, actors, and stories.

Bhuvan and Prashanth have built a strong relationship based on trust, talent, and a shared vision that has elevated Indian cinema. Prabhas, the lead actor in Adipurush, has shown great respect and humility towards Bhuvan, addressing him as “Sir.” Bhuvan feels fortunate to work with someone as enjoyable and genuinely good as Prabhas.

In Salaar, Bhuvan has utilized the new Alexa 35 camera to achieve exceptional image quality. The film relies mostly on practical sets and minimal CGI, contributing to its visual grandeur. Bhuvan is known for his expertise in shooting action sequences and prefers a manual approach with handheld shots. He believes that lighting plays a crucial role in conveying his vision and creating a universally understood visual language.

Addressing speculations, Bhuvan confirms that Salaar is not filmed on the KGF set but rather in a new construction within Ramoji Film City II. The film showcases enormous sets spanning over 100 acres, making it one of the largest ever created in Indian cinema. Bhuvan welcomes comparisons between Salaar and his previous works, appreciating the recognition of his distinct style. He urges viewers not to judge the film based solely on trailers and rushes, as they may not accurately represent the complete cinematic experience.

While simultaneously working on Salaar and KGF Chapter 2 due to pandemic-related delays, Bhuvan found the diversity in sets, actors, and stories to be motivating. Spending a lot of time on one project can become monotonous, but working on different films kept him driven and inspired.

Salaar, produced by Hombale Films, is scheduled to release worldwide on December 22. This film holds significance as it follows the success of KGF, which took the world by storm when it was released in December 2018.

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