US President Joe Biden Advancing AI Regulation for a Safer Future

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US President Joe Biden recently signed an important executive order to regulate generative artificial intelligence (AI). The order is aimed at making sure that the public and the changing AI world are safe. It shows that the Biden administration is dedicated to improving safety, security, privacy, fairness, consumer protection, worker support, innovation, and responsible government use of AI. These goals will be carried out gradually over the next year.

Preparing for Safe AI Development

The executive order outlines a plan for AI development, focusing on safety. Initially, minor safety improvements will be made within the next 90 days. More thorough reporting requirements will come after this, and they could take a year to implement. A specialized group called the “AI Council” will be led by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed to oversee the process and ensure it aligns with the administration’s goal of a safe AI future.

Preparing for Safe AI Development
Preparing for Safe AI Development

Government Agencies Leading the Way

The US government is working to prevent AI misuse through various actions. They are implementing measures to protect against the inappropriate use of AI in biological engineering. They are also creating guidelines for verifying the authenticity of content and enhancing cybersecurity measures. The National Institute of Standards and Safety (NIST) will develop standards to thoroughly test AI models before they are made available to the public. At the same time, the Department of Energy and the Department of Homeland Security will focus on addressing threats to infrastructure and minimizing cybersecurity risks. Their goal is to ensure that no compromises are made in these areas.

Developers of big AI models must share safety test results. The Defense Production Act will make sure that companies developing risky AI models inform the government and share safety test results before releasing them to the public. This helps ensure the safety of AI models and holds developers responsible for what they create.

Checking AI-created Content

The Department of Commerce will develop a watermarking system to fight against AI-generated content that can trick or manipulate people. Federal agencies will be able to use this system to determine whether or not the content they encounter has artificial intelligence (AI) behind it. By establishing technical standards, the use of digital watermarking will become more widespread. This will strengthen federal officials’ ability to confirm that government messages are genuine and trustworthy.

Big AI companies like OpenAI, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms have agreed to add watermarks to AI-created content. This is an important move to improve safety and transparency.

Expanding the AI Bill of Rights

The executive order expands the AI Bill of Rights to cover civil rights violations. This strengthens the promise to safeguard user privacy and tackle unfair AI practices. The Department of Justice will be responsible for establishing guidelines on how to investigate and prosecute civil rights violations related to AI. This will create a solid legal structure to make sure people are held accountable.

AI and Job Security

AI has many benefits for businesses, but it also creates job security challenges. The government acknowledges this and wants to help employers by giving them guidelines and best practices. They are also looking into how AI affects the job market through the Department of Labor and the Council of Economic Advisors. The goal is to find a balance between using AI’s potential and making sure there are still job opportunities. Making AI Work for Everyone in the USA

The US government is creating a website called to help with the responsible use of AI. It will focus on helping people find AI jobs in government and provide information about fellowship programs. This will help the government use AI in a positive way.

President Joe Biden’s executive order is a big step towards making sure AI is used safely and responsibly in the United States. It covers important areas like safety standards, content verification, civil rights protection, and job security. The goal is to take strong measures to make the most of AI’s potential while reducing the risks involved. The White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Bruce Reed, praised this executive order as the most extensive action taken by any government. It aims to create a secure and successful future with the help of AI.

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