6 Must-Have Apps To install on Your Windows PCs

Once you start using the system, you'll find many applications to install. The type of applications you choose will depend on your needs, but there are a few useful options that I install on every system. I've built many PCs and these six applications are a must-have for me.

Make your computer look better with Wallpaper Engine. It's a special program that can manage dynamic wallpapers in a way that's different from normal.

Wallpaper Engine:

Safeguard your data with Macrium Reflect, a robust backup solution that excels in image backups. Its reliability shines during tasks like migrating data to an SSD. 

 Macrium Reflect:

Maximize your GPU's capabilities using MSI Afterburner, a top-notch tool for boosting performance. In addition to overclocking, it also offers features for underclocking and advanced hardware monitoring, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

MSI Afterburner:

Assess and stress-test your hardware with PCMark10, offering a holistic view of component stability. Beyond GPU assessment, it facilitates benchmarking of CPU and RAM frequencies. 

PCMark 10:

 Experience audio perfection with Equalizer APO, a free yet powerful tool for refining your auditory experience. Paired with the Peace GUI, it allows users to tailor frequency ranges effortlessly. 

Equalizer APO: 

At the forefront of productivity tools is PowerToys, a utility gem essential for Windows users. Despite its absence in vanilla Windows 11, it offers on-the-fly keybinding changes, multitasking prowess with FancyZones, and features like Mouse Without Borders.


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