7 Movies that tell their stories without an interval

Ittefaq (1969):  This crime, mystery, and thriller directed by Yash Chopra breaks the norm by eliminating the interval.

 Delhi Belly (2011):  An action-comedy crime film that maintains a seamless story, without the usual break.

Merry Christmas:  A thrilling movie that follows the trend of maintaining a continuous narrative, offering an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Connect:  This film stands out for its seamless story structure, without any breaks in between.

 Trapped:  A film highly acclaimed for its intense storytelling, without any interruptions in the narrative.

  Dhobi Ghat: Another example of a Bollywood movie that embraces a continuous flow without the traditional interval.

  Warning:  This film adds to the list of Indian movies that maintain a continuous storyline without any breaks.

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