8 animals In the world  that have long tongues

The Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) has the longest tongue among all land animals, measuring up to 61 centimeters (2 feet).

Giraffes are widely known for their long necks, and they also possess long tongues that can extend up to 45 centimeters (1.5 feet).

Chameleons have long and flexible tongues that aid them in accurately capturing prey.

Certain woodpecker species, such as the Green Woodpecker, possess specially adapted long tongues that enable them to extract insects from tree bark.

Many species of frogs utilize long and sticky tongues to capture insects and other prey.

Pangolins, which are unique mammals, have long tongues that are well-suited for capturing ants and termites.

Okapis, a species related to giraffes, also possess long tongues.

Echidnas, a type of monotreme, have long sticky tongues to catch insects.

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