8 Things to Avoid on New Year:

 Avoid Drinking and Driving -  Ensure you have a safe way to get home if you have consumed alcohol.

 Try Not to Waste Food -  Be mindful of how much food you consume to help minimize waste.

 Skip Unnecessary Clutter -  Begin the new year with a clean and organized living space.

  Stay Positive -  Try to avoid shedding tears at midnight, as it is believed to bring bad luck.

Steer Clear of Unlucky Foods - Avoid consuming birds and lobster, as they are considered to bring bad luck.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Alternatives -  Choose environmentally friendly options for your New Year celebration, avoiding plastic cups and plates.

Practice Moderation - Enjoy the festivities responsibly for a positive start to the new year.

 Avoid Washing Clothes on New Year's Day - Some superstitions advise against certain activities, like washing clothes, for good luck.

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