9 Snacks from India That Won't Raise Cholesterol

Sprouts Salad:  It is a good choice because it has lots of fiber and nutrients, and it's also good for keeping cholesterol in check.

Walnut Kabab:  Walnuts are good for your heart because they have omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Oats Roti:  Oats help lower cholesterol. Oats roti is a healthy option instead of regular wheat roti and can be part of a low-cholesterol diet.

Roasted Chickpeas: These are yummy and crunchy snacks that are rich in protein and fiber.

Avocado is not a typical Indian snack, but it's full of nutrients and can help keep your heart healthy by reducing cholesterol levels.

Multigrain Healthy Super Snack:  Keeros Multigrain Healthy Super Snack has roasted pearl millets, soybeans, dew beans, green grams, and rice. It's low in fat and a good choice for a cholesterol-friendly diet.

Flaxseed-Based Dishes: Indian snacks made with flaxseed can have good stuff that helps lower cholesterol.

Low-Fat Namkeen:  Choose healthier low-fat namkeen options, like those with roasted grains and legumes mixed in.

Make healthy smoothies by adding fruits, yogurt, and nuts. They're tasty and good for keeping your cholesterol in check.

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