Side effects of using room heaters

Dryness and Skin Irritation:  Room heaters can make the air dry, leading to dry skin and irritation

 Increased Risk of Infections:  Heaters can create dry air that may make people more susceptible to infections.

Headaches, Dizziness, and Weakness:  Oil-filled heaters have the potential to cause headaches, dizziness, and weakness.

 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:  Sleeping with a heater on can increase carbon monoxide levels, which can be dangerous for heart health and cause chest pain in people with heart disease.

  Fire Accidents: If left unattended, room heaters can cause fires.

Oxygen Depletion and Reduced Humidity: Heaters burn oxygen and reduce humidity levels, which can lead to respiratory issues.

 Sinus Irritation:  Heaters can create very dry air that irritates the sinuses and causes dryness in the lips and skin.

Asthma Aggravation: Room heaters may exacerbate asthma symptoms due to dry air and potential air pollution.

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