Top 6 best free Artificial Intelligence courses by Google

Machine Learning crash 

Machine Learning is a part of AI that focuses on creating algorithms and models for computers to learn and make predictions without explicit programming. It's an exciting field used in industries like healthcare, finance, and entertainment. Course duration: 12 hours.

Fairness in Machine Learning

Fairness in Machine Learning is about fairness in machine learning algorithms and models. It looks at ethical considerations and challenges in ensuring fairness and avoiding bias in these systems. It's important for AI systems to be fair and unbiased in decision-making. The course takes about 1 hour.

Testing and Debugging in Machine Learning

Testing and debugging in machine learning mean evaluating and improving models to make sure they work correctly. Testing checks how well the model predicts new data, while debugging finds and fixes errors in the model's implementation. These steps are crucial for reliable and effective machine learning. This course will take approximately 4 hours.

Recommendation Systems

Recommendation systems suggest items to users based on their preferences, behavior, or similar users. They are used in platforms like e-commerce websites, streaming services, and social media for personalized recommendations. Course duration: 4 hours.

Machine Learning Problem Framing

When it comes to framing a machine learning problem, your main goal is to define the task and understand the problem you want to solve. This includes figuring out what type of problem it is (like classification, regression, or clustering), choosing the right data to use, and deciding on the evaluation metrics to measure how well your model performs. This course should take about 1 hour to complete.

 Clustering in Machine Learning

Clustering is a way to group similar data based on their patterns. It helps organize items into clusters with shared characteristics. The goal is to find the structure in data without prior knowledge of the groups.  This course takes about 4 hours.

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